20181126 - Demo Update + A few things

No need for the "encrypted messaging" for this one. There'll be enough time for that later, but for now, I'm going to talk about some technical stuff regarding Project Bluefield - Origins.

  1. Because I keep hopping it around (e.g. ....50 to ....75), I'm thinking of changing the version number format soon. Not right now, obviously, but soon.
  2. Eventually, I'll need to separate the Demo builds from the (eventual) Final builds that will be in active development. And even then, I hesitate to call those "Final", given what other content it will have, aside of the "Awakening" story. Hence the need for separation. So, you can probably expect the Demos to get their own slots down the line, lest they keep growing for no good reason.

Working without a roadmap (outside of "Awakening"). Fun. Maybe you shouldn't follow my lead when doing stuff like this, huh?


Windows/OSX/Linux (Demo) 780 MB
Version Nov 23, 2018
Windows/Linux (Demo) 771 MB
Version Nov 23, 2018

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Cool cool, but the file size is kinda big. Maybe something to do with the audio files. Switch to different format like mp3?

I'll see how many tracks I can strip out first. OGGs are the smallest file format to work with (I think).


Cool cool, good luck with your project!