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a kinetic novel | ON HOLD
version (stage):2019.08.26 (pre-alpha / skeletal)
development:Prototype | ON HOLD

the origin stories behind [freaks of nature]

From the fanfiction series Project Bluefield, comes the origins of its "protagonists"—the Zeros. Though their very nature remains a mystery, we know that for many of them, it begins (so to speak) in our world. This "frame" will display to you ██ of them.

Current Records on Hand:

  • ████ ███*
    • Subject: █████
    • Summary: ███████████████████████████ ███████████████████████████ ███████████████████████████
  • "Awakening" (2010 CE)
    • Subject: 017 "Bluefield"
    • Summary: Awakening in a strange version of his home, a young man and his brother Kyler discover that they have been stranded from their summer vacation...and into a horrifying struggle between humanity and darkness. The young man in particular has received the means to fight, along with a terrible responsibility—but is he at all ready for what lies ahead of him? Will he fail al0ne? Or...
  • t.b.a....

* not available in demo

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This may not be for you. If you are easily disturbed,
do not play this game.



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Version 2019.08.26
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Version 2019.08.26

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Don't worry i have already downloaded your game, and hi. Also thanks for the cool game!

Great! Just be sure to claim the download key before somebody else does it first, okay?

I just need to download it right? If so then done.

Okay, just wanted to make sure.